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A second word on propositional truth statements…

Last week I looked at a section from John Piper’s book “Contending for our All” that dealt with the importance of using propositional truth statements when declaring our love for Christ.  The section that was quoted was the third out … Continue reading

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Thoughts From a New Father (Part 5)

This memorial day, as I watched Rosalie sleeping peacefully in my arms, a truth that I had thought and taught about over the weekend was driven home:  Pacifism (opposition to war or violence of any kind) is more than just … Continue reading

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A City that is set on the Water(?) Cannot be Hid…

Venice.  A city of charm, beauty, history and improbability.  Almost a year ago now God gave me, along with the members of the FOCUS-Italy team and our missionaries, the privilege to do a whirlwind tour the “Floating City”.  The fact … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Happiness…

A slightly modified prayer from “The Valley of Vision:  A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions”. O Lord, Help me never to expect any happiness from the world, but only in you.  do not allow me to think that I … Continue reading

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Fighting Arrogance…

Taking a bit of a break from the “Thoughts of a New Father” theme to dive into another thought that’s been on my mind this week.  Plus, after almost two weeks I’m going to have to change the title to … Continue reading

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Praying intelligently….

This past year I have been enjoying holding  “Power Meetings” with some of the youth from our church.  The purpose of these meetings is to spend dedicated time in earnest communication with our Heavenly Father.  At some of the recent … Continue reading

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Some Week-end Reading…

Wanting to stretch that gray matter this week-end?  Consider the following post: From the Pyromaniacs blog: Christians in earlier generations were a lot more concerned about worldliness than we typically are. Many evangelicals these days don’t even seem to be … Continue reading

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Of Cars and Cares…

I believe that there are only a few people (though I know of at least one) who actually enjoy the process of shopping for another vehicle, especially the part of that process that involves the sales rep trying to make … Continue reading

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Salvation: The Importance of Genuine Faith

This week I have the unexpected blessing of doing sermon prep for Sunday mornings service.  So, Calvin’s Institutes had to be set aside for Lexicons, Commentaries and, one of my favorites, sermons preached by Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  Our Pastor has … Continue reading

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Instutional Wanderings: Dress the Idols!

Chapter 11 in “The Institutes of the Christian Religion” is titled “Unlawfulness of Ascribing to God a Visible Form.  All Idolatry a Defection from the True God.”  Basically, it’s a chapter regaling the papists of that day for promoting (or … Continue reading

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