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Book Review: Young, Restless, Reformed: A Journalist’s Journey with the New Calvinists

In the realms of non-fiction some books are prescriptive in nature, offering solutions and ideas to assist the reader, while other books are descriptive, describing things like events to the reader.  “Young, Restless, Reformed” fits into the second category.  The … Continue reading

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The “C-Factor”…

So, I took a test online today that tests your “Calvinism.”  Here are my results….though I’m not sure if I should have waited until after ordination to post this. Test your C-Factor 86% You are a genuine Calvinist. You have … Continue reading

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Book Review…

Or perhaps I should say “Booklet Review.”  Whilst enjoying a week at The Wilds Christian Camp I noticed that my wife had brought along the book “What is a True Calvinist?” by Philip Graham Ryken.  Having finished up my ordination … Continue reading

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Clicki, Vidi, Linki…

The new title, compliments of the twisted mind of my oldest brother, would be  faux-latin for “I clicked, I Saw, I linked.”  One of these days I’ll have an original thought, but until then I’ll be content with stealing the … Continue reading

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Who Limits Atonement?

Due to one arm still being in a sling, though with new shiny titanium parts, I’m still not able to update as I like, but with the assistance of my dear wife who is typing this for me I’d like … Continue reading

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Ponder this…

Christ did not win a hypothetical salvation for hypothetical believers, a mere possibility of salvation for any who might possibly believe, but a real salvation for his own chosen people.  his precious blood really does “save us all”; the intended … Continue reading

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Post of the Day

Was perusing some different topics and ran across this post. Worth a look! “Be a Kinder Calvinist”

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