I must thank and praise God for being sovereign and in control of every situation (a bit redundant I know).  The month of June has always been a busy month for me due to the planning and executing of missions trips, camp trips and VBS planning.  This year my “June” has extended itself into the last week of May and the first 3 weeks of July as well.   With Pastor vacationing this week I have two sermons to add to my list of trip planning, award dinner set-up and end of the year ministry wrap-up / preparations for next year.  I must say though that I don’t begrudge the added responsibility since it gives me extra time to spend reading and studying God’s Word.  Not to mention that after three years it looks like I’ll finally be able to finish preaching through the book of James!

All that to say this…during the next few weeks posts here will probably be sparse.  But then again I also anticipate that God is going to do some great things which will be worth sharing.  So…stay tuned!

For now, I’ll leave you with a couple of quotes from David F. Wells book “The Courage to Be Protestant.”  And lest I give you the impression that I’ve read the book (wish I had the time), this comes from the pyromaniacs blog where a recent posts contrasts the above mentioned book with Tim Steven’s book “Pop Goes the Church.”  Check out that post here.

The church is not our creation. It is not our business. We are not called upon to manage it. It is not there for us to advance our careers in it. It is not there for our own success. It is not a business. The church, in fact, was never our idea in the first place.

Organizations are everywhere in the Western world, andn there is nothing unique about an organization. The church is utterly unlike any other organization in the world. In the church are those who belong to another world. … Because when it gathers, it is hearing a summons to stand before the God of all eternity, to worship in awe before him, to acknowledge his greatness, to humble itself, to learn to live in this world on his terms, and to do its business as his.

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One Response to Busy…

  1. Steven says:

    Seriously that is an incredible quote! The juxtaposition of the quote and your comments above is interesting – don’t loose focus as you bear down!

    Thanks for sharing, I’m going to think on that for a while.

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